Flash Up-Side Down Bug

Yesterday, I got to see a strange bug, not sure its Flash Player's bug or Browser's bug. It happens when you use browser's functionality in html pages with a flash movie. As soon as you issue print command, flash movie turns up-side down, in our case only bitmap in the flash movie turned up-side down other text was remained same.
Its a weird bug it doesn't happen all the time. I am not yet able to replicate it on all machine and I have not even got any reason why it happens.
While discussing this with other Flash developers, Pranav Verma from Mascon ITand Deepak Sahu from Hurix, Deepak provided a link of technote on macromedia.com. It really helped me, Thanks Pranav and Deepak.
I am wondering, Macromedia has not found any solution for the same problem yet. Though they have some suggestions to get the same thing done other way using Flash Player's print functionality.
Anyway! I am going to find solution myself, how can I implement the alternative with minimal efforts.
I would post something if I find something...