FLV MetaData Injector

Burak has released FLV Metada Injector tool.
Its a free to use tool, which will calculate flv details from a given flv file and inject those details as metadata into the target flv file.
FLV Metadata is very useful while making custom FLV Players to play progressive flvs. Sometimes its important to know width, height, duration or more properties of flv files.
Metadata can be trapped in Flash using NetSream.metaData event handler. A very nice introduction can be seen at following locations:
- http://flashmx2004.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=961
- Jesse's Blog
FLVMDI is available in two flavours:
- Win32 console application
- COM dll.
On request, Burak also added support for metadata XML file. So flvmdi(console version) would always emit a metadata xml file along with injected flv.
More info on FLVMDI can be found here.