Macromedia Contribute & FlashPaper 2

Macromedia has released new versions of Contribute and FlashPaper.
Though Contribute is a great product but I have not played a lot with it.
But FlashPaper has been my favourite tool, I had used it when Contribute 2 was released and I published my resume from MS Word to SWF format. Having resume in swf format gives me good feeling. Why not? I am a Flash developer :)
The latest version of FlashPaper 2, which has some really interesting and cool features like:-

More info can be found here.
FlashPaper 2 is available as standalone version as well as it also comes bundled with Contribute 3.
If you buy FlashPaper 2, it only costs $79. So price is very less, I guess, I am also going buy it.
Believe me, its very handy tool. You go and convert any document to swf and upload it. And we know flash player is available on almost all machines.
Ok, do you want to give a try before you make a decision? Why not download trial version from here and play.