I am in San Francisco

Yeah, I am in San Francisco now. I reached here yesterday after a long flight of some thiry hours.
I could see Bangalore, Bangkok airport, Osaka airport, Los Angles and SF airport. I mean, my flight came through all these airports.
We were around four hours in Bangkok airport, then around one hour in Osaka airport and around four hours in LA airport. All of these airports are cool.
The place where I am staying is very beautiful and infact entire SF is very very beautiful. I will try to post pics after sometime.
We, entire team, went out with some of our USA collegues to see some places like PIER 2, PIER 39 etc.
Well I(and Manish) am sitting in cafe called South Beach Cafe, which is not a cybercafe, its a normal cafe and they provide internet access. You need to have Wi-Fi enabled notebook. We(Manish and I) were very trying to get connected to internet and we got to know about this cafe after a research of entire day. Cybercafes, unlike India, are not very common here.
I am feeling very sleepy now because of Jet-Lag but I don't want to sleep. I guess, its one of the ways to minimize or avoid it. Well I am also reading about it actually feeling but reading the causes and how can I avoid it next time.
Apart from all these, food is problem for me. I prefer veg stuff and most of things are here non-veg :(. But I have enough stock of maggie(noodles) and other things so that I can survive.
Just had a cup of Espresso coffee, its very hard, so ordering Mocha and I will go after this.
Manish's blog must be having interesting stuff, as he gone through interesting incidents...
Note: Would check for spell or typo mistakes later...Not reviewing the post..feeling sleepy...