Met Vera..

It was first day in our 606 Townsend office. I met, Vera outside of 600 Townsend office. She was passing by and I recognized her as soon as I saw :). We had little chat then and later also.
I also saw Mike while he was in a meeting. So I could not talk to him today. I hope to see him tommorow.
I also saw Manisha Masher of Central team. Its a great feeling to see these people in person.

Why I am writing all these ? Because, I have seen photographs of some of the good or the best Flash developers, Macromedia people, Macromedia offices and different Flash conferences over two three years. These pictures always worked as inspiration to me and motivated me.
Today I am among some of the best developers in Macromedia, I am learning something everyday. I want to be like them, want to be doing great stuff, want to have good fundas of programming, maths, datastructures etc etc and ofcourse want to contribute to products as much as I can. I know, wishes never end...
But I really have a long way to go, even after four years of experience, I am finding myself as fresher here. Lot of things to do, 24 hrs of day or 30 days of month or 365 days of a year is not enough. I really have a long way to go.
I hate to talk about myself and my dreams. But I really don't have anything to post. I want to post something useful, but for now please bare with posts about myself :)