Flex based RIAs

Macromedia Flex is gaining popularity in Rich Internet Application's market. In past one month, I have seen some real cool Flex based RIAs.

Among these, I find "BRIDGEWERX Designer" the coolest. I have learnt from my experience that making an application, where user can interact many ways, is challenging and complex. "BRIDGEWERX Designer" is one of such RIA.
I am not only sure but also confident that more and more companies and developers would embrace Flex because of standards based development, rich class/component library and importantly Flash player platform.
Well, we should not forget Flash which is also one of the best tools to make RIAs..But I would prefer Flex for large and enterprise class RIAs.
BTW! Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect at Macromedia, demonstrated some of the features of next generation Flash Player during macromedia flash conference in tokyo, japan. Colin Moock captured the entire presentation in his cam-corder. Can't wait to see? watch it here.
Whatever I do, I love Flash :)