Onfolio: a must have tool

Before I start writing about how useful & helpful Onfolio has been to me, let me put some words(from it's help) about Onfolio.
Onfolio is a PC application that helps you collect, organize, and share information you find on the Internet, receive in a feed, or capture from your system or network. Web pages, web sites, multipage articles, images, a wide variety of file types, news feeds, search feeds, snippets of files or web pages—you can put any of these into an Onfolio collection. Then you share your research through documents, presentations, emails, websites, and reports.
I have been using Onfolio for over a month or two. I find it really useful because I can keep all my bookmarks, documents, rss feed subscriptions or other web-documents in one place for offline reading and also for archiving purpose. Which really helps me a lot because I don't have internet connectivity after work.
Onfolio has got a nice User Interface. It works seemlessly with Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla <ahref="http://www.getfirefox.com">Firefox</a>, which means no matter which browser you are using, all bookmarks, saved webpages etc would go in one place. Which wasn't same way earlier, because I used to have different bookmark list in each browser & saved documents used to go anywhere on my machine. Yeah! I am a bad manager *lately*.
If you want to give it a try, you can download Onfolio 2.0 Beta. I am sure, you gonna like it!
I just love it and I have been using Beta version of it but I am planning to buy it because its piece of software that's worth buying.
BTW! Jeremy Alliare also has something to say about Onfolio.
Update: Onfolio guys have a blog also.