Macromedia MAX 2005 is over

Macromedia MAX 2005 got over today after two full days of different interesting sessions on Macromedia Flash, Flex, FlashLite, RIA best practices/guidelines & interesting sneak-peak of Maelstrom-Next-Gen-Flash-Player.
I couldn't meet Bill Perry, during break he was surrounded by lots of folks. I thought to meet him little later, but he left after his session before I could notice. Anyways, there is always next...
More than three hundred people attended this event. I met some friends and very interesting people, who are very passionate about Macromedia Flash/Flex or other Macromedia technologies. Also met some who can be good friends.
I like being at conferences/events, it gives me a chance to know what other developers are doing. Sometimes, you get to know of some kick-ass stuff being developed by creative designers/developers. Yeah, of course, everyone enjoys the company of like-minded people...
Some good and interesting questions were asked. Manish has already blogged about.
We also announced that we are planning to have a Macromedia Flex user group in Bangalore and India. Flex developers present in conference liked the idea and infact some of them have requested for a user-group even before our announcement was made. That's cool!
As Manish mentions, its really cool to see Flex developers in India who are actually using/used the Flex. It's nice to know their experience using Macromedia Flex, yeah not everything is cool & they do find a few uncool thing...
Guys, we will try to make uncool stuff more cooler in coming versions. But keep sending us the issues using Macromedia feedback-app. You can always send an email to me(aqabiz-at-macromedia-dot-com) regarding any issue you find in Macromedia Flex.
I liked the presentation given by Cyril Ferry of India Games. I know this company since they started. It's nice to see that a company started by a bunch of folks now have some 170+ developers/designers working for it. They started developing games for pc & consoles and now they are doing good in Mobile gaming/entertainment business. India-Games guys are pushing Macromedia FlashLite in India or abroad. That's great, keep it up guys, you make us feel proud of India..
I wish Reliance also realizes that by embracing FlashLite, they can make huge revenue. I already petitioned.
Yeah, one more thing. If you are a Flex developer or a Flash developer or anyone who is interested Flex development, please join flexcoders Yahoo! group. It has a very active mailing list. I am sure your queries/doubts would be solved by just looking into archives or asking in the list. You are always welcome to share your ideas, your experiences(bad or good) with Flex & your experiments with Flex.
BTW! Manish is doing a great job of archiving Flexcoders mails. He will soon upload these searchable archive to some server. That's a big community work...Keep it up dude!