Macromedia Schwag Baton

I have been reading similar posts over different blogs and finally decided to put down the list of things I have.
Total Macromedia Schwag in your possession:

Most Unusual Shwag:
Macromedia match boxes
Oldest Macromedia Schwag in your possession:
Three white t-shirts.
Last Macromedia schwag you received:
Flex Server CD (Non-Commercial version)
Schwag you wear/use most often:
Timbuk2 Laptop Bag + Macromedia Watch + Macromedia t-shirts
5 Favorite Macromedia schwag items:

  1. Timbuk2 Laptop Bag
  2. Macromedia Watch
  3. Macromedia t-shirt(cream color)
  4. Central Flash USB Drive
  5. Macromedia match boxes.

Most of them are won in different Macromedia conferences across the India, some are lucky draw prizes, contest prizes and gifts. I have received very few things after joining Macromedia. It is a good feeling to get any Macromedia goodies but it used to be great feeling when I received these for my contributions, answers, efforts. But I am never ashamed of asking Macromedia goodies from Mike Chambers(only entry point for me :) ).
Thanks to Macromedia, Mike Chambers and other Macromedians. It has been more than five years, I have been associated(externally and now internally) with Macromedia, I can proudly say Macromedia is a great company.