Reuters starts using Macromedia Flash video in their affiliate network

Reuters has started video affiliate network, interestingly they are using Macromedia Flash Video. Brightcove is providing the technical-solution/service for this. You can read more about it here.
It is nice to see, more and more sites have started using Flash videos. I think, they understand how important user-experience is. For example, uses Macromedia-Flash-videos in a nice manner to show the reviews/editors-choice for products. That really makes user-experience much better.
But there are sites, specially Indian sites, which are still using old-way of showing videos on webpages. I was looking at CNN-IBN website, it is quite well made but I found that they are using Microsoft Windows Player way of showing videos i.e. Click on link, that opens pop-up window with Windows Mediaplayer embedded in a page with its usual skin. Is that a good user-experience?
I have sent couple of suggestions to CNN-IBN folks:-

I hope, they do something..