Macromedia(Adobe) online store sucks

I know it is harsh statement but I am so upset with Macromedia(Adobe)'s online store. I have been trying to buy FlashLite 2.0 from online store but no success. I sent an email to support guys, no reply in last two days. I tried calling toll-free Indian number, it's always busy, are they busy talking to their girlfriends all the time? I tried calling San Francisco number, no body picks-up.


Following points upset me:-

Importantly, Why the hell, India is not listed in APAC store? How can they ignore India?

I mean, hundreds of developers, like me, would want to buy FlashLite but they can't for these reasons. I remember, many of my friends (FlashLite developers) kept asking me the ways to download FlashLite, when I was in macromedia. But I could never understand their problem, but today I can really understand how frustrated they must have been.

I just ask, why India is not listed in APAC store?

I spent three nights writing some cool application, bought the expensive Nokia N90 so that I can enjoy seeing my application working on it. But when I try to download the player nothing happens, I am really pissed off. I never said such harsh words in my life(to anyone) but I have to say here because of above reasons.

Hope, you guys understand how I am feeling now..

Update: I want to say more. We (flash)developers do evangelism(unofficially) about Flash/Flashlite in local lists, among non-macromedia developers. But what would be the impression or experience, if a J2ME guy wants to give a try to FlashLite and he is not able to download the player? He would probably drop the idea and might not raise the issue but would surely spread the bad word.
Also wanted to say that I loved Macromedia, love it and it would always be alive in my heart.