Thanks to Adobe ZMZ team

ZMZ stands for Zaphod, Mistral and Zorn. These are code names for Adobe Flash Player 9, Flex 2.0 and Flex Builder 2.0 respectively.
Adobe Flex 2 and Flash Player 9 would be released soon, not sure of dates. I can understand the excitement building up in the team. They must be waiting for RTM (release to manufacture/manufacturing), more than that, they would wait for the reactions from developer community and customers.
I am also very excited and very happy to think that ZMZ would be out finally after so much of hard work. Though, I am no more there (in Adobe) to celebrate that moment but guys I would celebrate whenever I would use the product. It's fruit of your hard work, dedication and passion.
I thank every member of ZMZ team for their hard work, which would make life of millions of developers easy over the time. I also thank every member of developer community (Flexcoders, MMbeta, flashcoders et al) for their continuous knowledge sharing efforts which at the end of day helps product team to build a better product.
BTW! This release would be party time for everyone not only ZMZ team. As these product would change the way we have been working to build Rich Internet applications and other types of applications. You already know about new features but you would soon see the innovative usages once product is released.