What I am up to

As you know, I quite Adobe in January this year and then joined Yahoo! I left Yahoo! in April to take a break from work. I joined a startup in Pune in May, leaving my break half-way. I could not stop myself joining this startup because over here I got an opportunity to work on some kick-ass stuff with old friends (Brajeshwar, Arindam, Darshan Sawardekar, Sagar Mahapatro et al), with whom I always wanted to work with. Things are going quite fine and keeping me busy all the time, which is cool.
I am working on a project using extensive ActionScript 2.0 and other web stuff for last three months. Having worked in ActionScript 3.0 and Flex for more than one year (yeah, internally in Macromedia/Adobe), I was finding little different to go back to old version of language/Flash Player, may be over the period I got too used to of luxuries in Adobe Flash Player 9.
But I always enjoy solving problem and creating things which would be good experience and usable to end users. If it takes me learning new things or writing code in C/C++, ActionScript 1.0/2. 0, I am up for it. I am sure, most of people think that way.
As usual, there has never been much activities in personal life, but it's kind of zero now. I am spending most of time at work, working, eating, sleeping etc.
Anyways, I am always hopeful that one day I would be very regular at posting stuff on my blog, mailing-lists. So with that hope, I conclude this post :)