Ugenie - unlock hidden savings

Ugenie is next generation shopping site. A friend of mine from Yahoo! Bangalore joined Ugenie some months back, that's how I got to know about it. But now they have launched but registration/access is by invitation only.

I received an invitation to register at Ugenie. I noticed good user-interface, usable site and like the way it does comparison and present that's good. I would say overall good-experience. I am sure you would also notice once it's open for everyone. Meanwhile, I would keep quite and wait for the day when I can write more.

About Ugenie
Here at Ugenie, we offer shoppers a unique service: finding the best price on either a single item or a customized bundle of items. Our proprietary technology searches through hundreds of merchant sites, factors in discounts and additional charges, and finds you the cheapest price on the exact combination of items you want to buy. You place your order directly from the merchants we find for you, and ugenie never charges you for our services.
We are leading the next generation of online shopping with patent-pending combinatorial algorithms and cutting-edge AJAX technologies. These advanced tools allow ugenie to offer more thorough and relevant results than other shopping comparison sites.
Ugenie is a privately-held company with venture capital funding based in both Silicon Valley, California and Bangalore, India. Members of our advisory board helped create companies like Google, Ensim, VxTreme, and Our engineers are a highly talented bunch with degrees from IITs, Stanford and UIUC who came from companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, Trilogy.