Blogines gets better

Bloglines has added a new feature called Playlists. Following is the description directly from Bloglines:

Playlists let you view your existing feeds in smaller sets available with a single click. What song Playlists are to your MP3 library, Bloglines Playlists are to your Bloglines blogs & feeds.
Glimpse lets you view every feed in your Playlist at once. You'll see the first five postings for each feed--and you can organize the feeds in your Playlist just by dragging and dropping.

I like this feature a lot, it allows me to quickly look at related posts, a big time saver. If you have noticed, Bloglines is getting better day by day. Thanks to Bloglines, they are indeed solving many problems and making us more efficient.
BTW! I am sitting at Bangalore airport using Airtel WIFI. Though Tata Indicom WIFI is also available but they don't have facility that lets you buy WIFI-access online, you need to get some kind scratch-card from some counter, where I don't see anything except a table and a chair :) I can bet, Airtel WIFI would be making more money because they do provide the facility.