Rajshri Productions chooses Brightcove for content distribution:

I was talking to Tareef Kawaf of Brightcove this morning and got to know that Rajshri Productions of India have chosen Brightcove's network to distribute their content online. Infact, what excites me more is 'Vivaah', the latest release, is the first Indian movie to premiere on the internet (online). It is also the first Indian movie on Brightcove network, ok I don't mean those pirated (or copyright violations) uploads.
You can watch movie online or (and) download Windows Media Player format (I guess it is WMP with DRM), just for USD ($) 9.99. I would say it's reasonable price.
This is great news and I don't know why but I am very very excited to see this beginning. I am sure, more and more production-houses/studios are going to choose Brightcove network in near future.
Update: I forgot to mention Jeremy's post.