Nanocast alpha is released

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Nanocast is the startup I joined around six months back. We went public alpha couple of days back. We have done amazing work in last four months, yeah whatever you would see on has been done in four months. I think, we have really tried to push limits by using Adobe Flash Platform, I believe our tool is one of good examples to show power of Adobe Flash Platform.

There are many bugs and known issues in this release, but I would love to hear your comments/suggestions. Please feel free to either send them on channels mentioned later or through commenting system on my blog.

Following (italic text) is an introduction directly from the mouth of our community relation team.

This is about Nanocast at Our team have been working on something technically and socially challenging for the past coupla months. We've come to a stage where we are eager to get feedbacks from people who are Industry Experts, Community Harbingers, Internet Gurus and more importantly all the other internet enthusiast.

It would be an unpalatable choice if we have to tell you what it is and thus we'll leave it to you to figure out. This will make us easy to comprehend how to change/upgrade it further to make it more easier and productive to use. Please Visit, Register, Play & Work with, Alright, here is a brief synopsis.

Nanocast is a service that gives you the tools to create rich-media advertisements or expressions containing video, audio, image, text and animation. These expressions, which we call "Nanocasts" are some of the coolest ways of flaunting your media on the web. At the very core of the Nanocast service is the Nanocast Creator, a unique web-based tool that combines the power of widgetized media presentation, collaborative photo and video editing and webcam capture in one unified platform.

Think of it as a free-form tool that can allow you to create anything from an advertisement, to a photo slideshow, to a collage, to a radio show, or a video channel. Its ease of use makes it possible to create superb rich media expressions within less than three minutes, while giving the experienced user a plethora of advanced tools to tweak their "Nanocasts" to perfection.

Here is the quick step to Nanocast if you want to get in quick.
1. Register (and it is good to authenticate through your email)
2. "Create", Yes, use that big create button. That is most fun part. Select "Category" > "Select Template" > Add your medias > Play.
3. "Done". Well, that's done and now enter the Meta Data like the Title, Description and be "Done" finally.
Note: You can post your Nanocasts to your website, blog or to others like Blogger, Myspace, etc.

There are lot more features than meet the mouse, we'd love that you try them out. We would love if you would like to be more involved with Nanocast and share the excitement. Here's how you can do:-

FORUM: All Discussion related to Nanocast can be done at and we'll be there to discuss, help and hear your feedbacks. This is separate from the Nanocast Login credentials to have a separate entity for free flow discussion.
BLOG: is the blog where we will be updating "behind the scenes", updates, gotchas, undocumented features, et al. Or you can directly subscribe to our RSS feed at
However, if you don't want to do anything but just browse what others have created, published or remixed, feel free to browse the site through the categories at

Finally, just like every other company we too have our excuses for any glitches on the site - This Application is in its ALPHA stage.

If you are reading this line, it means you are interested :), so it's my duty to help you to get started. I suggest looking at Nanocast tour, we are working on help/documentation but this is something quickly made, hopefully would help you understand things better. You can also browse through existing categories(Personal, Jobs, Blogger etc) to see the creation by other users.