Adobe India Developer Olympiad

Are you a student who likes Adobe Flex/Flash/Coldfusion? There is a chance to show your skills by participating in Adobe India Developer Olympiad. You can find more details on Raghu's blog, Manish's blog and ADO page.

Yeah, you need to be a student to participate in this contest. I don't get why this contest not open for all developers in India?

I might be little biased over this, but I always find funny when I see some form like this asking your degree and branch.

Is it necessary? Why can't you just live up with college name? A developer is developer, his/her degree helps him/her to solve problems but not you?
I mean, I am not able to figure out how this information would help in having a successful contest? Asking these details might make some folks think whether they are right one or not. Guys, it's passion that matters for building community not degrees.

I hope this contest goes well and becomes successful. This is first contest of its kind for Adobe Flex/Coldfusion. There was one long back by Macromedia and ZDNetIndia, that was open for all.