YouTube changes crossdomain.xml ?

I am just wondering, if YouTube has recently changed it's crossdomain.xml? The YouTube ActionScript 2.0 API example I wrote, has stopped working? I was using their REST API to consume data and it seems it doesn't work any more for me? What is the reason (developer-id is banned or my IP address or my domain is blacklisted)?

If they have changed it, it's really bad. We can not create frontends in Flash, which means YouTube API and RSS feeds are useless for Flash/Flex developers. I can use server-side proxy but I don't want to.

Please update me if it is working work your Flash/Flex applications.

Update: Yup! They have done it, I did a quick search and found that it used to be "*" instead of "*", you can see in image shown below.
Update: YouTube's crossdomain.xml changes might be because of security concerns, you can further read on these blogs:-