Orkut is banned in India or Maharastra?

I am not able to access orkut.com, it seems it has been banned in Maharastra (the state I stay) or entire India? A quick Google News search returned the link of this news where Maharastra chief-minister has asked Indian ISPs/Center to block orkut.

I can understand the government's concern about different hate-communities on orkut but I am wondering, why can't Indian government give a list (URLs) of such communities to ISPs so that selective ban can be done instead of entire orkut.com. Anyways, I am not a political person, neither I want to be. I respect government's decision, I am sure this is done for good cause. I am also hopeful that orkut would work again either government would do selective filtering or make Google delete all such communities.

I just wanted to let everyone know that it might not be their systems problem, if they are not able to access orkut, rather this particular ban could be the reason.