Barcamp Pune 2 - my experiences

BarCampPune2 went very well, it was very well organized by SICSR students. I wanted to be there early enough to offer some help but got stuck in traffic and lost the way to venue. I also missed Jon's session but I could catch up some sessions on Just-SMS (yellow pages), Freeman's session, Hussain's session on Flash etc.

Freeman couldn't complete his session due to shortage out of time, that did upset me a lot. In my opinion his session was the best session of the day, where we all learnt (or could have learnt more) important things about startups. It could have been really useful for SICSR students or students in general. Unfortunately, he had to wind-up while he was getting started after setting the context. Freeman has got amazing ideas about education 2.0 or startup-scenes in India. I hope, we get another chance to hear him.

Had some short discussions about YouTube, BitTorrent, Nanocast, Web 2.0, Design Patterns, Programming Practices etc with different group of folks at different time. It was fun and learning.

There was dinner, in SIMS campus, near swimming-pool and I must say, it was second time I felt so good, first was MAX 2005.

Thanks to SICSR students, speakers (Jon, Keshav et al) who flew to Pune for this event and everyone for making BarCampPune2 a good experiences and learning for everyone.

I could manage to click lots of photographs, though only few came good. See all BarCampPune2 photographs.

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Update: Fixed typo "SICSR" instead of "SCSIR". Thanks Hussain..