I don't exist on Orkut, anymore

I deleted my Orkut account this afternoon and this is second time I did that. I deleted my previous three-year old account in Jan-06. I created another account in July-06 and really found some reasons (reconnect colleagues/friends and make new friends, didn't feel the need while I had earlier account). I deleted because I realized I am getting addictive to it, had started spending atleast one hour per day on it. I don't like to have bad-addictions even though I have one (smoking). I would surely miss good things about Orkut, I would get over it :)

Anyways, if you were connected to me on orkut and you want to contact me, please email me at [mail at abdulqabiz dot com].

My Physics teacher used to say "So much is to do, so less is done, so hurry up!". It makes more sense to me now, I am getting older and yet to achieve things I want to. Another phase of life begins.

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