Missed an opportunity

I missed an opportunity of being Adobe Developer Evangelist. I was offered Adobe Developer Evangelist role based in India and I couldn't take it because I am busy with my current work (Nanocast - my baby) and some other reasons (time-frame, relocation etc). Having said that, it doesn't mean I was arrogant or didn't like the Evangelist role. It's my dream role, something I have been doing unofficially with passion and would want to do. Should I say I sacrificed, something I always dreamt of, because of some commitments.

BTW! If I had taken the offer, I could have become the first Indian developer evangelist, I have not heard of any other Indian company having that kind of role :)

I hope Adobe gets a candidate who is passionate for this role and accept the challenges in hand. It's challenging in India to evangelise a product/technology because developers here have internet access but not all read blogs, not all are passionate rather work, not all contribute to forums, not all participate in many open-source projects etc etc. But challenges are fun.