Macbook iSight camera is dead

I tried using built-in iSight of my Macbook and it doesn't work anymore. It was working fine last week. I tried everything (SMC/PMU, volatile memory reset etc) to make sure if it's software issue or hardware. It seems, it's hardware issue. While searching online to learn more about it, I figured out that it's kind of common problem among Macbook users. Some guys noticed this issue just after two days of buying Macbook. I don't know what is problem but this is certainly bad design (loose wires, untaped wires or whatever).
There is no Apple authorized service center (for Macbook) in my city and not sure of quality of work done in near by cities (Mumbai). Bangalore is the only place I can think of now, but that's gonna add at least $200 expense because I don't think it can be fixed in one day so I need to go there two times. And taking time out of work is another problem. I don't know when can I do it. Life is already full of To-dos, this one adds more.
Well this is frustrating, I bought something which is not even used by 10% of total computer users in India, hence lack of service centers. I am upset because I take care of my machines(stuff) and handle properly, still this happened.
You can understand the level of frustration from length of this post for such a small thing.