Flex/ActionScript developers from India - Please read

I am trying to compile a list of Adobe Flex/ActionScript developers from India. If you are one of them, please leave your name and city in comment. I am planning to have a meet or a way (mailing-list etc) to be in contact.

I had planned to start Adobe (Macromedia) Flex user-group in 2005 and I got permissions but things were different then, hence it didn't work well. Now it makes more sense to start working on it. It is also good idea to have platform where we can have more events, meetings etc within India. It is also good way to spread the word (about: Flex/ActionScript/Apollo) in the region and among folks who are not aware of these fantastic technology/tools.

I apologize for posting to a wide audience (MXNA), but this is only to way to find passionate developers :)

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