FlexBook - amazing Flex component

Ely, an architect in Adobe Flex framework team and charting guru, has created FlexBook - an amazing Flex component. It's not just another page-flip component, it's more than that. It can be used in various ways (as container, application, renderer etc), which means it is very customizable.

I just love the different use-cases shown by FlexBook examples. For example FlexBook’s transparent Anatomy shows how it can be used in eLearning context.

Source code would be there soon, meanwhile it's worth checking out FlexBook samples.

BTW! Ely has been creating some amazing components since he has started blogging. It's really inspiring to see how he manages time to do all this out of his busy schedule, that shows how much he must be enjoying doing things, that shows why Adobe Flex charting components are so cool, I can imagine some 3D charting stuff must be going on there :-)