Why I am not writing anything technical about Flex?

Yesterday, some developers asked me in Flex India meeting, why I am not writing technical posts about Flex on my blog?

Well, I have never been regular though there was a time I was quite active on flexcoders.

Anyway, there are more reasons for that:-

  1. I am working for a startup, which keeps me busy all the time.
  2. Our product targets Adobe Flash Player 7/8 runtime, which means, my main work is about ActionScript 2.0.
  3. I am also doing some work in Java (server-side), also trying to contribute in user-interaction (just my opinions) and thinking of new features for our product.
  4. In my personal time, if I get some, I play with AS3/Flex 2.0/Other-things.
  5. </ol>

    Working in a startup is fun, I can contribute in many ways. I am trying to use all my experience to help team to come up with new features, better-user-interface (only suggestions or criticism:)), better testing-strategy etc.

    I could imagine the transformation happened in last ten months. I have started thinking beyond a particular technology. I became very user-focused, started thinking about cool features, usable interfaces etc.

    Hey, that doesn't mean, I don't think about ActionScript/Flex; ActionScript/Flash-Player is still my love. I still read blogs, scan-through flexcoders and other mailing-lists, read-docs etc. I am also trying to find ways to use ActionScript 3.0 at work, propose things.

    I am working on couple of personal (free time) projects (in AS3/Flex2.0), which would be released whenever I am done with coding, testing and examples. I learnt from my past small-work (JSFLCommunicator, HTTPURLLoader etc) that don't release unpolished things. There was a reason, why I did it in past - I used to take a problem, solve it and share how I solved. But people, who started using it, considered it finished or stable. I couldn't change things often or broke things when I changed something. There is a responsibility in releasing something in public-domain.

    Hope, that answers the question :-)