Flash Player Trust (FlashPlayerTrust) on GNU/Linux

It took me one hour to figure out the path of directories where trust-configuration for Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux can be stored. I wanted a local-swf to read both local and network data on one of my Linux boxes. I don't want to use Macromedia Settings Manager because the entire thing is going to be automated or part of build-system. So only way left is by creating trust configuration files.
Adobe Flash Player 9 Security Whitepaper has details on Windows and Mac OSX releated configuration but no details on Linux. I believe, Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux was released after whitepaper was published. It needs to be updated.
I am posting things here so that other developers don't have to waste time.
Flash Player trust file is a text file (with .cfg extension preferably) that contains the path of trusted SWFs or directories on separate lines.
For example, sample.cfg might contain things like this:-
Trust configuration (policy) file can be deployed in following ways:-