DotGNU project: An open source implementation of the .NET runtime and related development tools.

I have been using DotGNU on my MacOSX to run .Net programs I wrote long back.

DotGNU sweet project and I heard about in FOSS during Gopal's talk.

You can write, compile and run .Net programs on GNU/Linux, MacOSX and other platforms.

Great effort by Gopal and the team on this project. Thanks guys.

I also tried running Mike Chambers FlashCommand tool, I think it worked but I would confirm it another post.

BTW! Mike has allowed me to post the updated code (some new features I added). Thanks Mike.

BTW! It would be great of FlashDevelop can be run on MacOSX using DotGNU. I read somewhere, someone has already managed to run SharpDevelop, so I feel, I can try running FlashDevelop. Thanks Arul for suggesting this.

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update: I think, I am able to run FlashCommand using DotGNU