Sleepless nights

I have not been able to sleep properly for some months. It's not because of work pressure, rather my mind is always thinking around related things. I try to think about something else but unable to do that.
All thoughts are around Mixercast (problems, features etc), new ideas, technology and some real problems to be solved. I am feeling a pressure to do more and more even when I know, I can only do limited number of things per day, no matter how hard I try? I also get this feeling of not being able to execute all ideas.
This is causing problem in my social circle, I don't talk much or I keep thinking while talking to a friend/colleague, I am sure other folks must be feeling ignored by this behaviour of mine. My mind is so much involved in those things that I have been ignoring other things (having food, payment due dates, reading favourite blogs, participating in lists/groups etc) which I never did in past.
How to control this?