YouTube RSS feeds don't validate

I noticed that YouTube has recently included a element in their RSS 2.0 feeds which contains "duration" attribute to hold duration (in seconds) of the video. As per RSS 2.0 spec, there is no duration attribute for , however, "length" is a required attribute, which is also missing.

No big deal, lots of feeds are broken on the planet and it is not a topic to be blogged like this. But my point is, we don't expect such things from Google/YouTube, they must be using some tool to validate their feeds as their QA process?

I use Feed Validator for feed (ATOM, RSS etc) validation. Thanks to Mark Pilgrim, Sam Ruby et-al for making it.

You can also see what feedvalidator reports about YouTube's feed.

BTW! I got happy for a moment when I saw duration in their feeds, I have to use YouTube API to get it.