Blogcamp Pune

I just returned from Blogcamp Pune, it was fun to meet different (from Barcamp) kind of crowd. I met some more folks and heard some interesting stories, one such session was about flames, threats and stalking by Melody.

I was not prepared but had strong urge to speak on Creative-Commons, Syndication (RSS for podcasters) and microformats. I dropped the idea since not many people would have been interested into such technical session. But it can be nice session, I might talk about these in upcoming BarcampPune, hopefully in July 2007.

Some folks were very new to blogging or have not yet started blogging, I would have loved to see some quick workshop sessions to get them started, unfortunately, most of the sessions were from sponsors and to me all those sounded like marketing-pitch.

Like BlogcampPune (last year), all the sessions were scheduled to be thirty-minutes, which I feel is too short duration for any good interactive-session. I hope, there is dynamic scheduling, if folks are interested in a on-going session, it should be continued and other session can be done in other room/hall.

Tarun Dua was doing live commentary on entire thing, so you can check out his blog for more updates.

As usual, there would be some photographs, check 'em out here. I am too lazy or impatient lately to click photographs, none of these photographs are good :(

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