Google Indic Transliteration - Cool application

Google keeps coming up with innovative stuff, Google Indic Transliteration is one of latest additions. It allows English to Hindi transliteration.

It's an AJAX application with pretty neat user-interface. I have started using it, and spread the word among my friends. The moment I saw, I thought, if there is an API to use it on our application. I don't know, if there is one. I digged and found this URI:-|hi&text=wahan%2Caap</a>&tl_app=3</p>

It would return the JSON data (you might not see some characters):-
while(1); [ { "ew" : "wahan", "hws" : [ "वहाँ","वहां", ] }, { "ew" : "aap", "hws" : [ "आप", ] }, ]

You can send multiple English-words by separating them with comma (,).

That's all, we need to use it in Flex/AIR app. Web-based Flex/Flash applications might require a server-side proxy to use this service, I am not sure, if Google's crossdomain.xml allows access to third-party applications?

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