What I am up to?

Not many people know, I left Mixercast and joined Yahoo! *again*.

I have been busy settling down in Bangalore, which has changed a lot, it took sometime (three weeks) to find a nice apartment and driving/riding is more stressful.

Anyway, I am going to work on some interesting stuff in Yahoo!, actually there is a lot to do. I would keep posting, if I can :-) 

I have been active in flex_india list, I read flexcoders and occasionally reply some mails. I still read MXNA in digest-mode (three times a week) and regular blogs (everyday).

It's good to see Flex/Flash/AIR community growing globally and in India. Nice to see Adobe featuring Indian developers; Mrinal Wadhwa, a very passionate developer, has been featured on Adobe Developer Spotlight.

BTW! I feel AIR logo talks about specific technologies (it's based on) instead of problems AIR could solve. What happens, if one more technology is added to the stack, logo would be changed?

Keith and John have been doing some fun stuff with AIR logo, check it out here and here