Silverlight and HTTP API

While talking to Arul about various limitations (a few HTTP methods/verbs supported) in Adobe Flash Player's HTTP APIs (URLLoader/URLStream etc) and my previous posts, he suggested me to look at Silverlight, what kind of support it has got?

I don't know, if I can develop Silverlight applications on MacOSX, I would figure out a way using Mono/DotGNU later? But for now, I searched MSDN and quite surprised to see it does support more HTTP methods (DELETE, GET, POST, PUT), at-least in some Silverlight Streaming HTTP package? That means, it's easier to deal with REST web-services.

Thanks to Arul for giving this idea, I am going to spend sometime playing with Silverlight and try to compare the both Adobe Flash and Silverlight platforms, I am sure that way I can file more enhancement requests for Adobe Flash Player to make it better platform, yup! I love it and want it to be better and better over the time.

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