as3httpclientlib - a better http-client in ActionScript by Gabe

Gabriel Handford left a comment with as3httpclientlib link, this is a very well written http-client, with TLS support, in ActionScript 3.0.

Let me clear some points here, as3httpclientlib is not as3httpclient. The as3httpclient, let's call it my-project in rest of the post, was a better version of HTTPURLLoader. HTTPURLLoader was a proof-of-concept work to deal with various limitations in Flash Player APIs.

my-project doesn't have cleaner api and it also lacks various thing, honestly speaking, I could never spend enough time to make it better. Thanks to Erik (aka eecolor) for refactoring HTTPURLLoader and adding more features.

I was planning to add TLS support, after I heard about Metal Hurlant's work on TLS. Now, I am not planning to do any further work on my-project (as3httpclient) except cleaning the code a bit for those who are already using it.

I find, as3httpclientlib (Gabe's project) is much better and very complete. I spent sometime looking at the code base, it's api reminds me of jakarta-commons-httpclient, which I always liked for it's simplicity. With as3httpclientlib, you can do pretty much everything (DELETE, GET, HEAD, POST, PUT - http-methods, multipart uploads etc) you were able to do with my-project (as3httpclient).

If you have been using my-project (as3httpclient), I suggest you to look at as3httpclientlib.

As we know, Flash Player Socket API has some security-restrictions, so any socket based http-client would work for AIR projects but not for Flex projects, unless you can afford special-setup on your server to serve special policy-file required for socket-connection to any port below 1024. Gabe has developed as3httpclientlib library for AIR based projects, however, I am sure it can be used in Flex projects as long as server is setup (as mentioned above in this paragraph).

Check out various examples/tests in as3httpclientlib project, you would find things like amazon-s3-tests, upload-tests etc

Thanks for reading a post full of similar names - as3httpclient and as3httpclientlib :-)

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