Is MXML presentational markup?

Some random thoughts/questions:-

Is MXML presentational markup? I think, it is.

How does the idea of semantic web/html and microformats fit into Flex based RIAs?

How can we design applications that can be progressively enhanced or gracefully degraded?

MXML seems to be very powerful, hence very useful. If best-practices are not followed, it's very easy to end up with bad-design/app? That's true for AJAX (= DTHML now) also.

What should/could be the design of future flex framework (s) so that lightweight runtimes (FlashLite etc) can run flex-applications without requiring more powerful hardware and latest capabilities on devices?

MXML can be broken down into subsets:-

Right now it's very easy to mix all these. Experienced developers have found different ways to keep things separated but no standard as such.
Shouldn't there be a standard way of drawing a line of separation between these as a part of development workflow/requirement? I believe, same is true in AJAX world but things (best-practices, workflow, LSM, semantic, microformats etc) are well established there?
Just wondering, if all these pieces can be separated within flex-framework, applications can be run on lightweight client by replacing cpu/memory intensive bits (which are required to parse/process/render one of the parts mentioned above) with compatible-lighter version of bits?

Does this post makes sense? ;-)

Never mind the subject, I wanted to ask one question and came up with many unanswered. I have answers for some but I would be posting after some more thinking. BTW! It's good to work with different technologies/standards, it makes me think like this.
Kevin Hoyt's latest post made me think some of these. Kevin has posted some more nice posts, one should read.

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