Should SWF need to be searchable?

We hear people asking questions, how to make swf (more) searchable? Is SWF searchable?
Not many people know, most of the search engines index text within swf files. My question is:

Should SWF need to be searchable?

I have got different opinion on this entire idea:

Some questions:

Why do we need to prove swf is a good option? I think, it is. The whole idea of searchability applies to content, and I already said swf should not be seen as content (like html, xml, text, etc).
I can imagine a few ways to add search support without doing special workarounds, these are known things:

Structure (view metadata - heading, some info, etc) of application can be semantically encoded in html with appropriate deep-links to views in an application.
What you think about it?
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