l10n and i18n with Yahoo! R3 project

I came to know about Yahoo! R3 project (tools), which helps building localized and internationalized websites. The templating system used in R3 is not run-time, it's rather static (compile-time) which means pages for different locale and intls are generated during build process.
It's simple to install using PEAR and requires PHP5+. I like the command-line interface of R3, though it's easier to use it's web-based GUI, as shown in documentation. I couldn't get R3 GUI running, but it seems sometime is wrong, I am not able to get it running on my Mac OSX (Leopard) with Apache HTTP 2.2.x.
Something similar is used with-in Yahoo!, I would not go in detail rather let you explore R3, which is indeed an exciting project. I am, hopefully, going to use in some project, if I do that, I would post more about my experience with R3.
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